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Review: Ultra M8 U-M8 SMART TV Box S802 From AndroidSticks

It wasn’t until 2 years ago that i was introduced to the wonders of XBMC via a jailbroken Apple TV 2 that i had purchased off EBAY for a complete bargain. That’s when i have to admit the sordid love affair started. XBMC had me hooked. It had me so tight in it’s grasp I’d find myself losing hours in a darkened room with just XBMC for company. OK OK so you’ve all been there don’t deny it. Partners have been and gone but somehow XBMC is just that dirty pleasure that just doesn’t leave your side.

Over the last 2 years the hardware available has completely revolutionized how we all view XBMC. At the end of the day we all know it’s totally down to user preference and in some cases how easy the user finds it to keep both the hardware and software upto date. But what if i was to tell you that the Android M8 can actually be kept upto date remotely without you having to root the device, hook it up to a computer, or perform any form of jailbreak????

The guys over at AndroidSticks have thought of everything when it comes to enjoying XBMC in all it’s 1080p glory. Before i go into a full blown review i will first give you the all important specs of the device.


Ultra M8 U-M8 Main Features:

  • ULTRA M8 U-M8 (M8) MX Box Smart TV BOX S802
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat
  • Lifetime updates
  • XBMC 13 pre-installed
  • Blu-Ray ISO and 4K video playback
  • Unique user interface
  • 4K video output up to 30 fps supported
  • 2.4Ghz – 5Ghz Wi-Fi
  • Quad core CPU
  • CPU: ARM cortex-a9 quad-core
  • GPU mali-450 octo-core
  • DRAM 2gb ddr3
  • Flash memory 8 gb

Hooked up to a full HD 1080P TV (the bigger the screen size the better), the device has the ability to give you a complete cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. If you’re a fan of all things Android like myself then you will find this device very easy to navigate and totally user friendly. It’s actually like controlling a Samsung Tablet but on a grander scale on your TV. 

Also with the M8 box comes a complete XBMC installation guide (the software is installed you just basically have to run up to date versions), aswell as a guide to keeping the box running smoothly and up to date. This also allows the user to get familiar with the device as those that aren’t technologically minded often find this quite daunting. If users do have a problem or question, the AndroidSticks team are always on hand to offer support and guidance when necessary. they’re friendly guys with fabulous after sales care.

With the M8 box i was also sent the S77 Pro Smart TV BOX Remote With Wireless Qwerty Keyboard (sold seperately from the M8 but worth investing in)


Simply insert the small wireless USB device into the back of your M8 Box and away you go. As remotes go this is pretty flawless and so easy to use, but the one thing for me (but it isn’t deal breaker) is the fact that the onscreen cursor that appears has the tendency to run away with itself at times causing XBMC to act strangely. But there is the option to turn the cursor off when it’s not required so it’s easy enough to solve this problem.

With the device being rooted, and running all the relevant up to date software, the team also pre install a whole bunch of great apps to get you started and to get you the most out of the Box, The Google Playstore is a must have on any Android device and you can load great apps on the M8 such as Spotify, TuneIn Radio, MX Player, Chrome Browser,ShowBox, VideoMixPro etc etc. Oh i didn’t mention that the M8 also acts as a web browser with great functionality. So the M8 is a complete media center hub all at a reasonable cost without any hidden costs etc.

The other great feature is that you can use the box to AirPlay your media form any phone,tablet, or computer. Having tested this function i can safely say that no sound or picture quality is lost, and the strength of the Blutooth is phenomenal. so it’s win win in my opinion.

I’ve personally been using an Ouya as a media hub for the past 12 months, but the sound and picture quality can be a bit hit and miss at times which in turn can make it frustrating when trying to use the Ouya to it’s full potential. But i can safely say I’ve been converted over to the M8 for the specs, functionality and ease of use, as well as picture quality and fantastic DD5.1 Sound.

Happy Friday folks. Hope you are all well. Thanks to really poor…

Happy Friday folks. Hope you are all well. Thanks to really poor internet at my end this week everything tech related had to be put on hold, but alas, i’m back and ready to blog.

So then what has been happening over in the IStream camp this week?

As usual there has been lots of Playlist activity, what with constant updates from Playlist makers, new subscription free Request and VIP sections, and not to mention Coolwave’s fabulous new Channelcut Indexer added to the TV Shows section. There are now a staggering 10 Indexers available in the TV Shows section alone and 8 in the Films section. IStream is fast becoming bigger than ever anticipated, and building a greater Community.

If you’re not familiar with Indexers, what exactly is one? 

All an Indexer is is basically another add on source available directly through IStream. But rather than having to install them from a Zip like many other XBMC sources, you just simply click them to enable them as all the hard work of the initial installation process has been done for you. 

Check out the video above from XBMCConnect to get yourselves familiar with everything Indexer related.

They gave you Istream, now what’s Iwatch all about?

Good Morning XBMC fans. It appears i haven’t blogged for a good few weeks now so I thought i’d better get back to it again and enlighten you with all things XBMC, and of course big up the little gem that is IStream.

If you’re familiar with IStream then you’ll know it has the capability to be able add to the IWatch functionality via an online playlist URL. Within the list are numerous independent playlist makers all passionate about the Istream brand and building content for all users. Each creator has taken the time out to create unique media content. If you’re not so familiar with it all i will do a quick tutorial on how to add IWatch and all the wonderment it holds. 

Go into Istream>IWatch>Playlists>Add Online Playlist>>Xunitytalk playlist directory>Community Playlists

The dev known as Mefrox has been monumental in the development and success of playlist creation as he has taken time out to create How To guides for playlist creators, aswell as helping them with one on one, step by step personal tutorial guidance, as not all creators have had the opportunity or expertise to create content before. So we would all like to say a huge thank you to you Mefrox as your help is paramount to alot of people. We can’t  leave Jas0nPC out either as he is always on hand to help folks with any problem they have within XBMC and IStream.

In just a few months there are a staggering 31 playlist makers within the community and there are more requests coming through daily for those wanting to create content.

If you’d like to try a spot of playlist creation then all you need to do is head over to and fill out a playlist submission form.

The guys will even add you to their Skype incase any face to face guidance is required. The community is both friendly and helpful with the added bonus of being non competitive or profiteering.

The next blog will feature a rundown of all playlist creator’s content, aswell as content to look out for in the coming weeks.

There’s a revolution in XBMC and it’s Istream shaped

Throughout the past 12 months there have been a few prominent rising contenders whose add ons have captivated XBMC users and inturn have appeared to hold the Monopoly and popularity ranking in XBMC. But in the blink of an eye the game has radically changed, and that change comes in the form of istream. Developed by the XunityTalk Team and an array of talented Devs, this constantly evolving Entertainment platform has paved the way for, and encouraged independent playlist makers (some often without any previous level of playlist building experience) to also get involved. It appears that Istream’s possibilities are endless. The add on is FREE, encapsulates just what a community is capable of, and holds no hidden agenda. What’s not to like????


The add on is divided in to easily navigational sections, each offering it’s own level of cutting edge entertainment to blow your mind and it seems it just keeps getting better.

Under the Movies section, there are numerous flawless indexers such as IMDB, Ice Films, Flixanity,, and Movie25.


You have the option to play movies from numerous sources that need to be enable in the settings section, but please be aware that the more sources you enable the longer movies take to load. All sources enable the user to stream Movies in 1080P, 720P and Standard definition dependent on what your hardware allows.

Under the TV Shows section there are slightly more indexers that also pull numerous stable sources to make your viewing experience less frustrating as the sources actually work. The indexers available are IMDB, Ice Films, AnimeUltima, Flixanity,, Project Free Tv, and my favorite TVRage. 


The Live TV and Live Sports options makes the whole Istream experience feel so much more than just TV shows and Movies. Every Dev and playlist maker are readily on hand to contact and are always updating their streams from the best sources available to ensure nothing is down, so in turn the end user has a greater entertainment experience.

What i love about Istream is the fact that it is a Community, a Community to be proud of,and a rapidly growing one at that. And it seems that innovation actually holds no bounds and pulls no punches. Istream is coming for you and it’s taking over, Be part of it!

This weeks’ watched movies via XBMC

I haven’t watched as many movies as i normally do this week as i’ve been taking advantage of the great British weather, but the one that i had really been looking forward to seeing was “A million ways to die in the West”. With Seth Macfarlane at the helm, and the success of both Family Guy and Ted under his belt there was no going wrong, right? WRONG! This movie was short on laughs, an hour longer than it needed to be, and a total let down after following in the cult status of Ted. The Characters lost their way throughout the movie and could have been developed a whole lot further with jokes that were funnier and not so ridiculously slapstick. I didn’t laugh once. The supporting cast actually went against typecast in this movie but for me it just didn’t work. 


Another Xbmc add on favourite with many users is mashup

Another Xbmc add on favourite with many users is mashup

One of the most cutting edge add ons in Xbmc has got to be…

One of the most cutting edge add ons in Xbmc has got to be Istream which is brought to you by the Xunity Talk crew. It has so many great developer sources and indexers that some people only turn to istream for all their entertainment needs. Watch the video above to familiarize yourself with this great add on and start using it.

It’s confusing

At first XBMC can be quite overwhelming as there is quite alot to get used to but i wholeheartedly recommend installing (via your total installer app) 

Mashup, alluc, Movie25, Yify, istream, go movies, go tv, much movies, 

Once you have downloaded the Xbmc software for your hardware…

Once you have downloaded the Xbmc software for your hardware platform, this video gives a comprehensive guide to installing all the good bits. ENJOY

Downloads | XBMC

Downloads | XBMC:

There are various downloads for Xbmc but as a novice these are the best ones to use for your platform