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Downloads | XBMC

Downloads | XBMC:

There are various downloads for Xbmc but as a novice these are the best ones to use for your platform

Why use XBMC?

As the cost of living grows people are on the look out for more creative ways to save money, and more often than not our entertainment treats are the ones we feel the need to cut back on. With Satellite and Cable TV costs on the increase we often find ourselves subscribing to the minimum package which ultimately means a barrage of repeats and not so great TV. Cinema costs are also on the increase so a night out with the Family requires you to remortgage the house and that’s before you’ve bought snacks and drinks. But fear not there is a “LEGAL” and “FREE” alternative solution and this comes in the magical form of “XBMC”

What is XBMC?

For those that have never had the pleasure of using this alternative media platform a whole new world of entertainment will unfold. You can view all your favorite films and TV shows from across the decades, as well as live TV and Sport from all around the world. I can hear a sea of cries in the distance shouting “Sign me up" but there’s actually no sign up required, just a simple download onto the hardware platform you’re using (ie Android Phone, Android tablet, compatible media boxes, laptop ie Windows and Apple OS, and many many more) and some knowledge of adding sources and away you go and trust me there will be no turning back.