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IPTV PVR Set up for XBMC (Free Live TV Streaming)

So by now you’ve probably got yourselves pretty familiar with XBMC and all it has to offer, and realised its finally time to cut the cord with overpriced cable, Sky and Virgin TV providers, who – let’s face it, charge the Earth each month for repetitive and limited content.

Thanks to numerous guys within the XBMC community,there is now the option to stream all your favorite premium TV channels from the UK and Aboard, all in one place. It’s fast and reliable (as reliable as it can be, given that content can sometimes does go down, but it’s soon quickly rectified by those who maintain the lists) and has more than 300 staggering channels ranging from Sports, Movies, Entertainment, Music, and Radio channels. 

The only requirement needed is an XBMC build 12.3 and above.

So how do you get your hands on yet another package of goodness and the gift that just keeps on giving? Thanks to Vdubt25 who is part of the Istream Community, he has created a unique URL that is compatible with the Live TV section on the XBMC homepage (once it has been enabled).

Watch the video below but instead of the URL mentioned please make sure you replace it with Http://

Video Link

You can also add an EPG guide to keep up to date with what is on

Video Link

If you do decide to add the list by Vdubt25 please make sure you head on over to Twitter and show your appreciation to him or subscribe to his YouTube Channel


Happy Friday folks. Hope you are all well. Thanks to really poor…

Happy Friday folks. Hope you are all well. Thanks to really poor internet at my end this week everything tech related had to be put on hold, but alas, i’m back and ready to blog.

So then what has been happening over in the IStream camp this week?

As usual there has been lots of Playlist activity, what with constant updates from Playlist makers, new subscription free Request and VIP sections, and not to mention Coolwave’s fabulous new Channelcut Indexer added to the TV Shows section. There are now a staggering 10 Indexers available in the TV Shows section alone and 8 in the Films section. IStream is fast becoming bigger than ever anticipated, and building a greater Community.

If you’re not familiar with Indexers, what exactly is one? 

All an Indexer is is basically another add on source available directly through IStream. But rather than having to install them from a Zip like many other XBMC sources, you just simply click them to enable them as all the hard work of the initial installation process has been done for you. 

Check out the video above from XBMCConnect to get yourselves familiar with everything Indexer related.