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Happy Friday folks. Hope you are all well. Thanks to really poor…

Happy Friday folks. Hope you are all well. Thanks to really poor internet at my end this week everything tech related had to be put on hold, but alas, i’m back and ready to blog.

So then what has been happening over in the IStream camp this week?

As usual there has been lots of Playlist activity, what with constant updates from Playlist makers, new subscription free Request and VIP sections, and not to mention Coolwave’s fabulous new Channelcut Indexer added to the TV Shows section. There are now a staggering 10 Indexers available in the TV Shows section alone and 8 in the Films section. IStream is fast becoming bigger than ever anticipated, and building a greater Community.

If you’re not familiar with Indexers, what exactly is one? 

All an Indexer is is basically another add on source available directly through IStream. But rather than having to install them from a Zip like many other XBMC sources, you just simply click them to enable them as all the hard work of the initial installation process has been done for you. 

Check out the video above from XBMCConnect to get yourselves familiar with everything Indexer related.

They gave you Istream, now what’s Iwatch all about?

Good Morning XBMC fans. It appears i haven’t blogged for a good few weeks now so I thought i’d better get back to it again and enlighten you with all things XBMC, and of course big up the little gem that is IStream.

If you’re familiar with IStream then you’ll know it has the capability to be able add to the IWatch functionality via an online playlist URL. Within the list are numerous independent playlist makers all passionate about the Istream brand and building content for all users. Each creator has taken the time out to create unique media content. If you’re not so familiar with it all i will do a quick tutorial on how to add IWatch and all the wonderment it holds. 

Go into Istream>IWatch>Playlists>Add Online Playlist>>Xunitytalk playlist directory>Community Playlists

The dev known as Mefrox has been monumental in the development and success of playlist creation as he has taken time out to create How To guides for playlist creators, aswell as helping them with one on one, step by step personal tutorial guidance, as not all creators have had the opportunity or expertise to create content before. So we would all like to say a huge thank you to you Mefrox as your help is paramount to alot of people. We can’t  leave Jas0nPC out either as he is always on hand to help folks with any problem they have within XBMC and IStream.

In just a few months there are a staggering 31 playlist makers within the community and there are more requests coming through daily for those wanting to create content.

If you’d like to try a spot of playlist creation then all you need to do is head over to and fill out a playlist submission form.

The guys will even add you to their Skype incase any face to face guidance is required. The community is both friendly and helpful with the added bonus of being non competitive or profiteering.

The next blog will feature a rundown of all playlist creator’s content, aswell as content to look out for in the coming weeks.

One of the most cutting edge add ons in Xbmc has got to be…

One of the most cutting edge add ons in Xbmc has got to be Istream which is brought to you by the Xunity Talk crew. It has so many great developer sources and indexers that some people only turn to istream for all their entertainment needs. Watch the video above to familiarize yourself with this great add on and start using it.

It’s confusing

At first XBMC can be quite overwhelming as there is quite alot to get used to but i wholeheartedly recommend installing (via your total installer app) 

Mashup, alluc, Movie25, Yify, istream, go movies, go tv, much movies, 

Once you have downloaded the Xbmc software for your hardware…

Once you have downloaded the Xbmc software for your hardware platform, this video gives a comprehensive guide to installing all the good bits. ENJOY

Downloads | XBMC

Downloads | XBMC:

There are various downloads for Xbmc but as a novice these are the best ones to use for your platform

Why use XBMC?

As the cost of living grows people are on the look out for more creative ways to save money, and more often than not our entertainment treats are the ones we feel the need to cut back on. With Satellite and Cable TV costs on the increase we often find ourselves subscribing to the minimum package which ultimately means a barrage of repeats and not so great TV. Cinema costs are also on the increase so a night out with the Family requires you to remortgage the house and that’s before you’ve bought snacks and drinks. But fear not there is a “LEGAL” and “FREE” alternative solution and this comes in the magical form of “XBMC”

What is XBMC?

For those that have never had the pleasure of using this alternative media platform a whole new world of entertainment will unfold. You can view all your favorite films and TV shows from across the decades, as well as live TV and Sport from all around the world. I can hear a sea of cries in the distance shouting “Sign me up" but there’s actually no sign up required, just a simple download onto the hardware platform you’re using (ie Android Phone, Android tablet, compatible media boxes, laptop ie Windows and Apple OS, and many many more) and some knowledge of adding sources and away you go and trust me there will be no turning back.